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Air Source Heat Pump Water Heaters

Product introduction

A heat pump water heater is a highly efficient device for collecting and transferring heat, it achieves a 75% energy saving by absorbing four times as much energy from the air for the same energy consumption as one degree of electricity, and its emissions are almost zero.
The evaporator absorbs heat from the heat source, passes it through the medium to the compressor to do work, raises the temperature and then exchanges heat with the water, and so on, continuously producing hot water for living and production. It mainly consists of water storage tank, outdoor unit, intelligent control system, piping components, etc.
Certificates: CCC, ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001,Safety Production License

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Category Parameters YXKFRS-010-75/150 YXKFRS-015-110/200
Basic performance Rated power supply 220V~/50Hz 220V~/50Hz
Rated hot water production capacity 75L/h 110L/h
Rated heat production (W) 3450 5000
Rated power (W) 907 1235
Rated current (A) 4.1 5.6
Maximum current (A) 5.7 8.54
Maximum input power (W) 1256W 1880W
Performance factor 3.8 4.04
Maximum water outlet temperature (°C) 55 55
Working water pressure (MPa) ≤0.6 ≤0.6
Starting current (A) 18.5 24.5
Noise (dB(A)) ≤49 ≤52
Refrigeration systems Compressors Sanyo:C-1RV162H22BB Sanyo:C-RV212H92CB
Condensers Single row Φ9.52
10U hydrophilic
aluminium foil
Single row Φ9.52 10U
hydrophilic aluminium foil
Refrigerant R22 R22
Filling volume (g) 900 1200
Allowable operating overpressure
on the suction/exhaust side (MPa)
0.8/2.8 0.8/2.8
Allowable working pressure
on the high/low pressure side (MPa)
2.8 2.8
Maximum working pressure of heat
exchanger (MPa)
3.0MPa 3.0MPa
Body size W*H*D(mm) 720*270*530 790*290*540
Mounting dimensions W*H*D(mm) 805*320*545 865*355*555
Water tank Type of protection against
electric shock
Class I Class I
Waterproof rating IPX4 IPX4
Water tank type (L) 150 200
Water tank dimensions (mm) ¢470X1526 ¢520X1600
Heat exchange area (m2) 1.2 1.2
Inner liner material and thickness BTC340/1.8mm BTC340/2.0mm
Note: Suitable for ambient temperatures of -10°C to 50°C.


1.As a manufacturer of solar energy, we can offer customize for your local need and design your local system, print your logo etc.
3.Warranty 5 years
4.Online service (support video, picture),one-stop service from design to installation.
5.Quality guaranteed, product quality tests are carried out before leaving the factory.
6.Standard export package (wooden box or carton box with pallet)

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